My Harry Potter Graduation Party

I just graduated college!! As a proper adult I threw a Harry Potter celebration! It was magical!
  1. My amazing cake
    Baked by me, decorated by my incredible mother!
  2. Mandrake cupcakes!!!
  3. Broomsticks, edible wands, every flavor beans!!!
  4. Blood pops, golden snitches, Neville's brownies!!
  5. Aw yisssss
  6. Floating candles!!!!
  7. Hedwig delivered pics of me as a baby
    Aw so sentimental! So owl-y!
  8. Karaoke room!!
    Ok not Harry Potter themes but still SUPER fun
  9. Badass GEO FILTER for snapchat!!
  10. Bottom half of that filter!!
    My cousin designs them for snapchat and gave me mine for free! Hit me up if you want a geofilter for something!!
  11. Hedwig balloons all up over the place!
    So cute and super fun to make!
  12. Basically everything was hand made and so much fun!
    Can't believe I'm a "real" adult now! What a fun way to celebrate this change ♥️♥️♥️