As a proper literary geek these few tasks have felt inevitable (yet daunting) and I'm proud to say I'm slowly making my way through them!
  1. Read all of Shakespeare's plays
    Only a few (dozen) left. As an actress and bibliophile this feels extremely important but I've barely made a dent
  2. Read all of Jane Austen's novels
    Only two left! I love her!!
  3. Memorize one Keats, one Byron, one Frost, and one Whitman
    Idk why but it feels necessary
  4. Explain in detail to anyone who will listen why Mary Shelley's Frankenstein altered the face of science, fiction, and science fiction.
    I already do this but I must do it MORE ok!!!! I'm so angered when science fiction is thought of as a "masculine" genre because um we basically invented it???
  5. Learn to appreciate Marlowe without resenting all of his admirers
    This feels impossible and not super important. Like I can't handle people Shakespeare-conspiracy-theorists. Fuck you guys