My Netflix Plans

As soon as I finish this Gilmore Girls binge on plan on watching all of these!!!! (This is more of a reminder for me than for anyone else but whatever, send me suggestions!!)
  1. Broadchurch
    Award winning murder mystery series starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman???? Yes please.
  2. The Paradise
    Two seasons of romance and intrigue in 1875? Sounds like it'll keep me from rewatching North and South (again) and missing Downton Abbey so much!!
  3. Man Up
    Hilarious cast in a romantic comedy? Looks charming!
  4. Becoming Jane
    I saw it years and years and years ago and SOBBED over it. Now I've read a bunch of Austen's work and am ready to sob some more!
  5. Call the Midwife
    The midwife life has GOT to be full of drama, excitement, and babies—everything I look for in a period series.
  6. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
    The previews for this are constantly on Oxygen so I guess all that advertising payed off. Flapper solving murders?! Awesome.
  7. House of Cards
    I know, I'm basically Satan for having not already watched this.
  8. If anyone has any suggestions send them my way!!
    I love romance, period settings, and drama!