Idc how much everyone hates podcasts—my favorite way to travel to and from work is to pop on and interview and pretend I'm not heading to work. This list is (shamelessly) more of a reminder for myself than anything else but whatever
  1. Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin
    Recommended episode: Julianne Moore (December 8, 2014.) A really attentive interviewer with a voice that I'm pretty sure is hot chocolate personified. Has a very clear outlook on the film industry, a sincere interest in everyone he speaks to, and a great sense of humor that makes the experience feel easy to both the guest and listener. He is inquisitive, personable, and utterly charming as an interviewer.
  2. The Lyle Pinder Experience
    Recommended episode: Jason Isaacs (March 9, 2015.) He brings a strong presence with an obvious amount of research put into his work that gives him the confidence to freely open a dialogue with his guest. Gives a bit of personal anecdotes to move the conversations forward, giving the audience the feeling that they are eavesdropping on an intimate discussion between friends rather than listening to a podcast.
  3. The Guru: Uncut
    Recommended episode: Colin Firth (January 1, 2012.) She manages to go through the entirety of his career in an engaging and thought-provoking hour that leaves you wishing they had had gone on for even longer. Manages to lightly touch on the obvious topics while also delving deeper into lesser known projects. Perceptive, attentive, and very amusing with a clear appreciation for her guests' work.
  4. Kermode & Mayo's Film Review
    Recommended episode: Daniel Radcliffe (#99.) These guys are always great for weekly listenings! It is exactly what it advertises to be: a small group of people reviewing movies, then about halfway through they bring in a guest and discuss one of that weeks films. There's a great lightheartedness to the dialogue between the show runners that bleeds easily over into their interviews. Honest, easy, and straightforward these are fun, I prefer their film reviews post-watch though.