Reading Challenge #2: Compare and Contrast Books and Their Movies — Bridget Jones addition

Inspired by @ReadingChallenge . I find these books to be an incredibly important documentation of what it's like to be a singleton in a world of smug-marrieds.
  1. If a movie was a book first then you bet your ass I read it and take pride and saying, "well, obviously the book was better."
    This started at the tender age of 9 when I found the book Ella Enchanted about a week before the movie premiered.
  2. HOWEVER, having devoured and adored the entire book series after watching the movie series (and anxiously awaiting Bridget Jones's Baby on September 16)...
    And sobbing dutifully through the third book, Mad About the Boy, because oh holy fuck
  3. I can actually say that I love both the movies and the books EQUALLY!!!
  4. Both versions have their merits and inspire a love in me that I genuinely can't explain. I just love Bridget.
  6. There's definitely more realism here even though there's not much more of a suspension of disbelief.
    I easily buy into Bridget being held up in a Thai prison in both versions (please don't ask me why) but it feels somehow more subtle to have references of Madonna lessons than seeing them...again, not sure why
  7. Her urban family is much better developed
    My love for Tom, Shazzer, and Jude knows no bounds. They are shown as being somewhat-crappt in the movies, but there's something so realistic about them being self-centered in the books that just rings as so honest to how friends are and I love them, really. Also Jude and Vile Richard are almost as magical as Tom's nose job.
  8. That interview with Colin Firth, the actor
    Bridget's career is obviously inspiring, her interview with Colin Firth is such a great inception of character vs actor here. Tell us more about the wet shirt, how many takes did it take?
  9. Daniel Cleaver's character resolution
    Oh goodness, that was a wild ride wasn't it?! I'm terrified to see what'll have come of him in the third movie because where he ends up in the books is just pure perfection. Christ he's a mess.
  10. All of the internal banter!
    Nobody references pop culture quite like our Bridget does! There is so much that obviously just wouldn't fit into the movies and I can't help but be obsessed!
  12. The casting!!!!!
    I mean I know this isn't a matter of being BETTER but hell if I can't give them extra points for being so perfect
  13. The third installment shall include Mark Darcy without using any past-tense language
    For fucks sake I seriously cried through the entirety of the third book, can't conceal those feels.
  14. The ad-libs
    Oh yes the granny panties and the "hello mummy" and I just love this cast so much ok
  15. Pam isn't quite as awful as she is in the books
    Still racist and generally self-centered and awful HOWEVER she doesn't steal while cheating in the movies and willingly gets back together with Colin sooooo she isn't a COMPLETELY atrocious human.
  16. This sweater
  17. We can use our eyes to see that Bridget is obviously not fat but merely a product of the media constantly telling us women that we are fat and not good enough
    She's like 133 pounds and trying to lose 20 of them and oh I love Bridget, so duped by the media telling us how horrible we are constantly. Love that she learns to love herself when other problems start feeling more important.
  18. The greatest fight scenes in cinematic history
    Lol don't lie, you agree 💯
  19. Bridget's ending is much happier
    I know it's on here twice but DONT LOOK AT ME IM STILL CRYING
    There has to be more reasons for both sides, I know that there's plenty more, but they're both incredible and I'm quite frankly tired of this work being talked down when really,
  21. The books are a genuine look into a singleton life, a life as a young woman in a field dominated by men, and really just the life of someone who isn't afraid to admit she's still figuring things out.
  22. The movies are much the same plus have the advantage of offering an "alternate reality" in terms of giving the characters more "satisfying" endings with closure. Also amazing soundtracks. Also this cast.
  23. Bridget Jones is my modern literary-hero and she should be yours too!
    Bye ✌🏻️