This list got REAL so quick for me. I mean eventually I definitely want to get married but not anytime soon because...
  1. I graduate college next week like marriage is not on my planner
    Because I'm barely an adult. Ok I'm almost 22 but still I'm like not an ACTUAL adult though.
  2. I'm like 7% emotionally available
    I'm pretty bad at being intimate because I'm REALLY focused on pursuing a higher education and killing it in my career. Things get sexy and I don't even notice my mind is pretty much always elsewhere...whatever
  3. I fucking hate dating
    Seriously I hate getting dressed up to see whether or not I like someone. There's always weird ass pressure like is sex an expectation for the dude on a first date or not—IDGAF. In my experience, dating is either full of pressure or guys pretending there's no pressure. I hate it and you can't get married without dating first so like no.
  4. I'm a pretty selfish spender
    I spend my cash money on Chipotle, a ridiculous amount of books, and traveling so like...nobody should have to share money with me that would be so unfair for them
  5. I'm still figuring out my career
    Like I'm kinda of starting to book acting gigs now...I'm like way too focused on figuring out my future to be in a place where I'm ready to promise that future to somebody else
  6. I don't want kids for another like ten years
    And I know if I got married I'd want a baby like NOW because I'm a crazy person who loves babies. TBH it's better if that's not even an option for me because I can't make rational decisions about babies idk
  7. Look how many of these started with "I"
    I spent a lot of my time focused on me—that's not super conducive for a long term relationship
  8. I really enjoy disappointing my grandma at family holidays