1. Walking Dead
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    I know it's only been like a week but WTF was the cliffhanger?!?!
  2. Game of Thrones
    There is no doubt this is one of the most beloved series on tv, so there's little to explain except I WANT TO KNOW IF EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE OK!!!! I have a feeling I'm going to be very upset, very soon.
  3. Penny Dreadful
    Compacting the most loved gothic stories into one engrossing, emotionally intense, off putting series—the writers of this show have succeeded in creating some of the most sympathetic characters I've seen on tv in quite a while. On top of that, the show is lead by a moving and complex female character, this is a must watch for literature fanatics.
  4. Ray Donovan
    Every single episode of this show is packed with emotional highs and lows that the entire cast never fails to deliver with impactful punches. The most compelling drama on TV that brings a twisted family to life, since Breaking Bad ended. Cannot wait to see where the writers push these performers this season.
  5. Gilmore Girls revival
    All of the beloved original characters are returning (yay sookie!) and we officially have pictures of (possible spoilers) Lorelai holding hands with our fav blue collar man, Rory standing in a Chilton classroom, and a few shots of Jess' car! The fact that they're rebuilding all of Stars Hollow for the reboot is just as thrilling as the idea of new Kirk hijinks!