Possibly based on the real people in my life who post the most on each of these outlets.
  1. Facebook is the Ultra Popular Girl
    She seems really cool when you first meet her, obviously she's very pretty, but eventually you wonder what her REAL personality is underneath all her smiling. She knows everything about everyone, but you only ever see her talking to like the same five people. Probably was class president and prom queen, everyone who isn't in student government knows her by her first and last name.
  2. Twitter is the Hipster Girl Who Is Also Somehow Really Popular
    She says she hates everything and everyone, yet every time you see her she is with a giant group of people that seem to love her. All of her jokes are self-deprecating and she is really cynical about her future, yet she gets really great grades and has an awesome future ahead of her. You often wonder if she is ashamed of how hard she tries, because it's gotta be hard?? She probably owns a cat and humblebrags about how single she is.
  3. Instagram is the Stoner
    Literally every time you see her she is stoned af. She's really pleasant to be around but all she really talks about is food, nostalgia, and who she's crushing on. Every once and a while she'll bring up her pets but for the most part she just likes to chill out and discuss dropping out and becoming a beach bum. She was once super popular but when the other popular kids turned to sports, she turned to smoking. 4:20 is her fav day of the year, she tells you this every 20th of every month.
  4. Snapchat is the Party Girl
    Where the fuck is this chick??? She is the flightiest, flakiest human you have ever met but once you learn that about her it's all good. Constantly partying (how the fuck does she get into clubs without a fake ID) and talking about how hungover she is—at all hours of the day. Every once and a while you bump into her in a random place and wonder what she's doing there when she said she had to be somewhere else. Probably wears heart shaped glasses and flunked PE from poor attendance.
  5. Tumblr is the FanGirl
    This girl has all of the updates on every new film, song, and tv show coming out this year. If you have any question about what celebrity is dating who—this is the girl to go to. She spends most of her time in class relating the information she's learning to that movie she saw one time. Genuinely very nice person but never goes out on weekends so doesn't have a huge circle of friends outside of drama club. Probably wore a vintage dress to prom.
  6. ListApp is the Artsy Writer
    Incredibly over-organized with a dry sense of humor, this girl sits on the wall of the classroom silently judging. Her homework was finished either two weeks early or the minute before class started, there is no in between. She's kind but spends most of her time texting (who knows who) and only has one best friend. When she hangs out with people she spends a large portion of her time taking notes, which gets a little awkward. Definitely working on writing a novel, you just hope you're not in it.