1. Hugh Jackman is obviously famous for being a movie star
    Wolverine is how must know him, but he's also done some incredible stage work!
  2. In 2014 he made a movie called Dukale's Dream where he flew to Ethiopa as part of World Vision's initiative to bring attention to their success at successfully raising people out of poverty
  3. While there Hugh met and worked with Dukale, a man who owns and works on a coffee farm to support his family that lives in poverty
  4. Hugh Jackman learned the importance of fair trade in the coffee business and was inspired by this mans story
  5. So he opened up two coffee shops in lower Manhattan called "Laughing Man"
  6. All of the profits from the Laughing Man coffee company sales go to Ethiopa and people in need
  7. Keurig now partners with Laughing Man so that the brand is available nationwide
    And they can help more people with their sales!
  8. Check out their awesome website http://www.keurig.com/laughingman
  9. And remember to pick up a case of their coffee
  10. As they are literally changing the world with every mug of joe!