The "Edward Norton is Underrated" List

He's an incredible actorrrrr. I've seen almost all of his films—these are all the ones I've seen, ranked.
  1. 21.
    The Italian Job
    His only movie I just don't get. I don't get it and I've tried so many times and I just don't.
  2. 20.
    The Score
    Lol I feel like anyone would have taken this just to act with De Niro so I can't place blame
  3. 19.
    I love this movie in general, his part is rather small but still memorable.
  4. 18.
    The People vs. Larry Flynt
    Ok I was maybe 12 when I first saw this but he's really good in it
  5. 17.
    Everyone Says I Love You
    Aw yes baby Ed tap dancing and singing lol bless his heart
  6. 16.
    Leaves of Grass
    Twin Edward Norton!!! Two really solid and interesting performances in this one, a fun twin twist too.
  7. 15.
    The Rounders
    So young, so innocent, so friendly with Matt Damon
  8. 14.
    The Incredible Hulk
    I mean personally I love it but I recognize that this film is just kind of not so great.
  9. 13.
    Keeping the Faith
    So corny but still very endearing. He directed it, as well, which makes it a more impressive piece of work. (It is so hard to direct yourself!)
  10. 12.
    Moonrise Kingdom
    I mean it's him and Wes Anderson, hard to go wrong.
  11. 11.
    The Grand Budapest Hotel
    Ditto to #12
  12. 10.
    Down in the Valley
    Another weird indie piece from him, very entertaining downward spiral to watch. His chemistry with Evan Rachel Wood is beyond electric.
  13. 9.
    Death to Smoochy
    The insane amount of talent in this film is unbelievable. If you ever miss Robin Williams (like I do, all the time) you should watch this one, so fun.
  14. 8.
    The Illusionist
    Aghhhh I loved this when I first saw it—so, so romantic.
  15. 7.
    I think we are supposed to hate him in this? I'm not sure, he's just genuinely very funny and I couldn't help but to root for him.
  16. 6.
    Red Dragon
    I fucking love this series and he bringsssss it to those role. Likable while slightly discomforting
  17. 5.
    The 25th Hour
    Devastating piece of film. I hate everyone in this one. Also, I love everyone in this one. Really interesting film work.
  18. 4.
    Primal Fear
    His breakout performance that is definitely worth taking note of. There is a palpable determination to prove himself that radiates from more than just his character, this combined with his undeniable chemistry with his costars makes this movie a MUST for any Norton fan.
  19. 3.
    Fight Club
    Obviously this one is iconic
  20. 2.
    The Painted Veil
    His romantic performance in this will rock your world. It's a beautiful indie drama with stunning scenery and costuming—but if you strip all of that (and the gorgeous score) away, you're left with an incredibly moving, raw performance.
  21. 1.
    American History X
    An unbelievably disturbing and moving piece of cinema—a must watch for any open minded cinephile who can stand to have their stomach turned before they sob. Across the board incredible performance. Hate is baggage.