The Funniest/smallest Things That Exasperate My Mother

I mean she's very dramatic but some of these she's just got a point about
  1. Johnny Depp's hair
    "He has more hair now than he did on 21 Jump Street."
  2. Almost all celebrities with hair plugs
    "The bald men in this country are going extinct"
  3. Good sales
    "$19.99 are they outta their mind?!"
  4. Sales where the price is what's marked (nothing additional is taken off at the register)
    "They're tricking us!"
  5. Hugh Jackman's existenxe
    "He can't be real! Look at that smile!"
  6. Meg Ryan's face work
    "She was so pretty, what was she thinking?!"
  7. Any actress in a film or show who has to make out with an old man
    "That poor girl."
  8. Celebrities who hire hot nannies