Things I have every intention of doing (but probably won't do) in my bedroom

This is basically a call to help (from and to myself) about this room that looks like it's been abandoned since I started working full time. Maybe I'll adjust to this new crazy schedule soon and find time to do everything I've got to do????
  1. Unpack from my vacation in a timely manner
    It's already been a week and I'm rocking the floor-drobe. Come on, self.
  2. Buy a bigger bookcase instead of haphazardly stacking them like Jenga blocks
    Seriously need to get in this because it's basically a safety issue at this point. This doesn't look so bad but look at the top ...
  3. What am I doing with my life??
  4. Get rid of all the empty water containers on my nightstand
    Cups and books basically
  5. Just get organized in general but continue to appreciate my art and mirrors and PINK walls
    There's so much stuff everywhere—maybe I need shelves??????
  6. I could do all that but ima just go to sleep bye
    By "go to sleep" it should be obvious I mean scroll through my phone for five hours 👍🏻