Things That Were Bittersweet as a Kid

  1. The day after Christmas and Hanukkah
    Yes my family celebrated both, yes there was the same weird "I'm happy it happened and I have toys but now my anticipation is all gone what the heck" vibe
  2. The last day of school
    YAY SUMMER but also I'm really going to miss Kathy who I hated up until she went with me to the nurses office on field day
  3. The morning of a birthday party
    WHAT IF NO ONE COMES BECAUSE EVERYONE HATES ME??? Also yay it's my birthday
  4. Being allowed to stay up and watch SNL
    YAS SNL boo musical guests + how tired my 8 y/o eyes are
  5. Finishing a good book
    There were tears like 98% of the time, even if the book ended well, because I'd miss my book friends. What a little dork.