I'm a pretty goofy human but I'm also either in the BEST mood in the world or the WORST mood in the world. My therapist says these bad moments are me relapsing into depression, which I've been fighting since high school. Here are some thoughts I've had when I was depressed. Also, remember to be kind to yourself and that its ok to seek help!!!!
  1. "Why is everyone staring at me?"
    Sometimes it's hard to leave the house
  2. "I wonder if anyone would notice if I didn't leave my bed today."
    Yes they absolutely would duh
  3. "I'll change out of these sweatpants tomorrow."
    A bold faced lie
  4. "I'm probably not depressed, I'm probably just faking it."
    Mental illness likes to pretend it doesn't exist
  5. "If I died right now, would I be reborn immediately or is there some sort of time limit on this."
    Ive never been actually suicidal, honestly, I just have increasingly morbid thoughts when I relapse.
  6. "If being reborn is a thing is it possible to be reborn in the past????"
  7. "I don't feel like watching TV."
    This is how I knows it gotten REALLY bad, I never don't want to watch tv.
  8. "I wonder if my sad music is making my cat sad...?"
  9. "I wish somebody could fix this but I also don't want to talk to anybody about this."
  10. "I hope I'm not bothering everybody with my depression."
  11. BE STRONG PEOPLE! Life is hard but it gets better. Let's all promise to value ourselves and seek help when we think we might need it. The only way to destigmatize mental illness is to discuss and accept that EVERYONE is susceptible to it. Hug your people, people! ♥️
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