1. Eh this isn't too bad
  2. But fuck is it hot or what
  3. Oops almost tripped and sprained my ankle
  4. Ha ha thank god I have good balance
  5. Wow my breathing is so loud
  6. But really this isn't that bad
  7. ...
  8. This is bad ugh
  9. Remember in Mindys book where she thought up action film sequences to motivate her during running
  10. Let's do that
  11. Ok cool sooo I'm running toward...?
  12. There's gotta be something I care about to run toward
  13. Nope. It's official, I am Ann Perkins
  14. Damn
  15. I wish I had Chris Traeger
  16. When is it ok for me to stop
  17. How about at that stop sign?
  18. Nah here looks good.
  19. Fuck I'm out of shape
  20. Now just to walk the rest of the way home...
  21. Runners are basically saints ✌🏻️
  22. This makes me a baby Saint I think
  23. Cool. I rule. Running sucks.