1. I work as a nanny for three lovely children, which means people constantly confuse me for their mother and often ask about my husband. The kids once answered for me (saying I was their mom) and since then we've jokigly created a fictional husband for me. I mean I'm 22 babysitting pretty old kids but hey we all think it's funny so let's run with it.
    There's a pretty tongue-in-cheek vibe to the whole inside joke but they also now seem to be using it as a defense mechanism whenever anyone gives us a weird look in public about how close our ages seem to be. I try to never start convos about my romantic life, so I'm quite shocked that my privacy has somehow earned me an imaginary spouse. I'm good with it.
    That I admire because the kids admire them so much
  3. He's a reader. (I took the kids to buy their summer reading supplies and when a man hit on me in front of them they dragged me to "dad's favorite section" i.e. the classics. I was about it.)
    Or at least, he is well-read. I hate when I ask a man what his favorite book is and he responds, "I don't read." What does that mean? You've NEVER read? You can't even say, "when I was younger I loved..." ??? I'd like a man with an answer to that question, preferably a book that I also enjoy.
  4. He's good with the kids, and juggles. (Went to a carnival with the kids and they loudly told a clown that "her husband juggles better!" I was embarrassed that I had to tell them to be polite—but also proud of my husbands skills?)
    To be fair, I get so uncomfortable when I see men just sort of staring at kids or talking to them like they're imbeciles. Especially at these kids' ages, I'm not sure why goo-goo-gaga talk is some peoples first instinct with them lol
  5. He's invested (but not overly invested) in sports. (I often take the oldest son to his basketball practice, once I had to bring the snacks and it got awkward with the other parents who don't quite understand my function in the house.)
    According to the kids, my husband really loves soccer and baseball but doesn't care too much about football or basketball—which is good by me. When we watch the boys' games the girls spend their time saying "Oh your husband would hate this game!" To be fair, I don't mind if they're right.
  6. On the car ride from the pool to their house today they told me that when I get married he'll "probably wear glasses to read."
    Not sure what this says about me or why they think this but it's a really lovely image. Should I be worried that these kids find me so single that THEYRE now trying to imagine me in a relationship??? Nah....