actually, "tv" is becoming obsolete so this is a list of shows are on "tv" and streaming.
  1. COMMUNITY (NBC S1-5, Yahoo! S6)
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    perhaps the most genuine comedy ever to appear on television. Created by genius writer DAN HARMON, Community is the only show that had made me laugh hard to it's high level sense of meta humor and cry due to Harmon's ability to connect with his audience. Although the show has been surrounded with drama because of it's low ratings and the rough relationship between Harmon and cast member Chevy Chase, Community has managed to create 5 great seasons (s4 doesn't count cuz harmon got fired)
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    I feel like any description I put here won't due this show justice. Vince Gilligan is a brilliant writer and showrunner and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul give their characters amazing depth and ark. No show has ever left me on my the edge of my seat with my jaw dropped quite like Breaking Bad did.
  3. House of Cards (NETFLIX)
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    Great writing, beautiful David Fincher influenced cinematography, and mesmerizing acting by Kevin Spacey. Frank Underwood is the most malicious character to appear on tv.
  4. Rick and Morty (CARTOON NETWORK)
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    Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon (yes, same creator as Community), Rick and Morty is a weird, sci-fi cartoon loosely based on Back to the Future. 80% of the cartoon are voice by Roiland and all episodes written by Harmon. The show provides many gut busting laughs due to Harmon's brilliant writing, but also some heartbreaking/heartwarming moments because the show has very dark undertones i.e alchoholism, divorce, and suicide.
  5. Arrested Development (FOX S1-3, NETFLIX S4)
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    Great cast (including a young Michael Cera) and the smartest writing I've seen in a half hour comedy. It only lasted 3 seasons (2003-2007) until getting canceled, but luckily brought it back for 1 more season in 2013 and more to come next year. To make a quick summary, Mitch Hurwitz created a show about a dysfunctional family who lost their fortune when their father busted and sent to prison.
  6. Seinfeld (NBC)
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    A pure classic. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld made comedic gold and set the tone for future comedies.
  7. Freaks and Geeks (NBC)
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    The show that didn't get a chance. In 1998, the show only lasted one season before NBC canned it. It was created by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids and new Ghostbusters) and produced by Judd Apatow (director of the 40 year-old Virgin, Knocked Up, Funny People, and Trainwrecked and producer of Superbad and every Will Ferrell movie). The show featured a very young cast that included Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jason Segel, and Martin Starr. It perfectly depicted high school through stoners and nerds.
  8. The Office (NBC)
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    Not really much to say here, except how hilarious this show is. Steve Carrell is amazing.
  9. Louie (FX)
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    Louis CK's dark and honest sense of humor is what makes Louie one of my favorites. Louis writes, directs, and edits all the episodes. The jazz music and single camera setup is what makes this show so unique.
  10. 30 Rock (NBC)
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    Tina Fey is brilliant. Great characters and flawless writing. One of few shows that had flashbacks and cutaways worth watching. Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy may the best best character ever.