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  1. The air in a room with the windows open
  2. Cake pops
  3. Comfy beds
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  1. I decided to take the shuttle to the airport instead of the nasty T
  2. It was a good decision
  3. Except I was eating a Boston Kreme donut
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A huge chunk of my childhood was watching these with my grandma
  1. The Little Princess
  2. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
  3. Heidi
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  1. I am literally always craving biscuits from cracker barrel
  2. Silver Dollar City in Branson is my Six Flags
  3. I wore overalls with red cowboy boots a LOT in elementary school
  4. I think Dixie Stampede is one of the greatest things on the planet
    This is basically Medieval Times but it's Dolly Parton's creation and it's the best at Christmas
  1. Yesterday
  2. And the day before
  3. I had NYP two nights in a row
  4. Peace out
  1. I fall for people really quickly
  2. And it sometimes complicates things
  3. Sometimes it hurts
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  1. In two days it'll be a month post-op
  2. And some days I feel so strong
  3. And so excited about how cool bodies are
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  1. The children/teens on Girl Meets World
  2. Any and all witches
  3. Hilary Clinton
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  1. I Have Just Met You and I (think I) Love You
  2. Searching For a Good Sandwich
  3. Grade School Fashion Icon
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  1. America's Next Top Krampus
  2. That's So Krampus
  3. Krampus Montana
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