Alternatively titled: Dear old people who come buy ice cream or This is passive aggressive okay???
  1. 1.
    Don't wink at me
    Especially at 10 am- way too early to deal with creepy
  2. 2.
    Do not call me "honey" or "sweetheart"
    I am a grown ass woman, just because you're 100 years old doesn't make it okay
  3. 3.
    Don't lecture me on the consistency of our ice cream
    I don't make it soooorry
  4. 4.
    Don't tell me you love me after I hand you your cone
    I'm lookin' at you 60 year old white dude
  5. 5.
    (Please) do not hand me your change after I already ring you up
    That's more of just an I-can't-do-math thing on my part
  6. 6.
    Don't tell me I gave you the wrong amount of ice cream
    We have exact measurements to give you and a scale- I literally can't mess up
  7. 7.
    Do not ask if my hair is "supposed to be this way" and if you can "stand here and study it for awhile"
    Why would I let you do that. Get your old male gaze outta here