(write drunk; edit sober. Hemingway knows what's up)
  1. Sometimes the good outweighs the bad.
  2. Sometimes you can exhale negativity,
  3. Release your anxieties,
  4. Let go of what's holding you back,
  5. And just be.
  6. You can walk to get food at 4 am,
  7. And hold hands with friends,
  8. And sing at the top of your lungs.
  9. You can look at twinkling lights,
  10. And compare them to the scattered stars,
  11. And watch the city from a swing,
  12. And laugh until you cry,
  13. And cry at the beauty of the moment,
  14. The view,
  15. The feeling.
  16. You can feel silly about likes and loves,
  17. And let yourself take pride in the little things.
  18. You can sit or walk or stand,
  19. And look out at the sky littered with unknown,
  20. And feel a little small,
  21. But you know you exist.
  22. You're a part of something.
  23. And that's pretty damn cool.