Andy Cohen's bad and good ties...who dresses him?

I'm obsessed with Andy's ties. They need a
  1. Who took this photo?
  2. Ooops, not a tie...
  3. This is the one he wore for Mariah Carey. At least he stood out.
  4. Ugh, who dressed him?
  5. I go both ways on this way....maybe it's his suit?
  6. Love this one...smiling!
  7. Who put this together?
  8. It fits his expression, goofy.
  9. Oh lord.....
  10. Nice.....
  11. From here it looks like a train wreck.
  12. He's so handsome...oh yeah ties.
  13. Looks nice but that hair......I think it needs it's own
  14. Seriously? If you got them wear them!