This was hard as hell so I culled the herd by going old school, like age 18 and under.
  1. Michael Jackson ~ Thriller
    I dug music as a little kid but this was the first album I ever got out of my mind obsessed with. It sparked a rabid love of music in me.
  2. The Beatles ~ Revolver
    You get asked what your favorite Beatles album is a lot and I never know what will fly out of my mouth: Rubber Soul or Revolver because I love them both so so much. Today I'm feeling Revolver.
  3. Beastie Boys ~ Licensed to Ill
    I remember rapping "Paul Revere" for a group of kids on the playground. I was a total dork but thanks to this album, I became a dork who was obsessed with lyrics and language.
  4. Pixies ~ Doolittle
    I didn't know music could be like this and when I first heard Doolittle, I remember thinking that I would never listen to half-assed shit again. Gotta have emotion and/or rawness or gtfo.
  5. The Cure ~ Disintegration
    I was already a deeply entrenched Cure fan when this came out and I was only 14. But this is their best album and it was my first concert so I'm forever in love with it.
  6. The Smiths ~ The Queen Is Dead
    First Smiths album. Then I made my parents drive me to a slightly larger Podunk Texas town than our own -one with a good record store- so I could blow my allowance on all the others. The Smiths handled depression and fucking FEELINGS with a sense of humor and a levity that was and still is amazing.
  7. Depeche Mode ~ Black Celebration
    This album made me feel like being different was not only okay, it was badass.
  8. Concrete Blonde ~ Bloodletting
    I loved this one and I think it paved the way for my later interest in girl-fronted bands like L7, Garbage, Hole, Rilo Kiley, Best Coast, the list goes on and on.
  9. Nine Inch Nails ~ Pretty Hate Machine
    Some albums are made to be blasted from cars. I still bust this one out every once in a while.
  10. Pet Shop Boys ~ Very
    A friend gave me this when I went off to college. It had an orange bumpy case, coolest case I ever saw. My roommate and I could only agree on one album to play: this one. It got me through a rough freshman year.