1. Wh
  2. Hmm
  3. Hamburgers
  4. What
  6. IS THIS
  7. Oh this is my room
  8. Then WHO IS-
  9. Oh it's the cat hi Nicky
  10. Am I naked
  11. Did I black out last night
  12. I remember laughing and going to the bartender
  13. And then I was like "I'm fine"
  14. And then I definitely fell down
  15. Is that why my knee hurts
  16. Ow my knee
  17. Where are my clothes
  18. I'm not even hungover!
  19. I didn't even drink that much!
  20. FUCK did I get my card back??
  21. Did I close my tab???
  22. How did I get home I hope I didn't get an uber
  23. I have to find my wallet where is my purse
  24. Okay okay it's in here
  25. That's a lot of receipts
  26. Fuck it's cold in getting back into bed
  27. Ugh my stomach hurts did I eat dinner
  28. I remember fries??
  29. Oh right I dropped them
  30. I can't believe I'm barely hungover
  31. Did I take my makeup off
  32. I need to pee
  33. Oh there are my clothes
  34. It's like a breadcrumb trail to the bathroom
  35. Well there's a makeup wipe on the sink
  36. Oh god I look like shit lmao
  37. According to the state of my face I got about half my makeup off so that's good
  38. Ew I'm cold
  39. I should put clothes on
  40. Where are my glasses
  41. How did I get toothpaste all over the outside of the tube
  43. Oh no oh no where's my phone
  44. I ripped all the sheets off my bed where is it
  45. Oh it's plugged in on my desk. Good job Drunk Kendra
  46. Why do I have so many notifications
  48. Delete delete delete delete
  49. Good thing I can't be fired for inappropriate tweets
  50. Good thing I don't have a job
  51. That one was actually pretty good
  52. Better tweet about how not hungover I am
  53. My head hurts
  54. Why is it so cold
  55. Where are my sweatpants
  56. Oh god I smell rank
  57. Why am I so nauseous
  58. I need to lay down
  59. Don't think about the drinks you had don't think about the drinks you had
  60. Oh god I'm gonna barf
  61. Cool clean waterfalls, fresh winter air
  62. Think about ANYTHING BUT BARFING
  63. It is a TUESDAY
  64. Too late
  65. Don't think about what it's gonna take to clean out that trash can
  66. Oh god my head
  67. My body is full of poison
  68. I think
  69. I might be
  70. Just
  71. Slightly
  72. Hungover
  73. Where can I order a burrito from at 9AM