I am 25 an bought all of this with my hard earned money like an adult
  1. 2 posters, purchased at separate tour dates
  2. 2 calendars, 2015 and 2016
  3. A 7in vinyl of Midnight Memories from Record Store Day
  4. A Liam Payne doll
  5. A Liam Payne mini figurine
  6. A Liam Payne keychain
    Guess who my favorite is
  7. Every album, actually purchased
  8. Approximately 12 pairs of One Direction brand socks that say things like "VIP TICKET" and "THIS GIRL HEARTS ONE DIRECTION"
  9. Wall decals of all of them when they were still wearing matching polo shirts
  10. An "Our Moment" perfume set complete with lotion and a lil rollerball
  11. Three concert tickets
  12. At least three parody band shirts like one with the ramones logo but it says their names on it
  13. A hardcover book filled with facts about them
  14. This will be updated as I get more I am sure
  15. Static