The many nicknames I have acquired during the years. Requested by @dollbaby_86
  1. Boo-Grizzly
    From Wife (@dollbaby_86)
  2. Boo bear
    From Wife
  3. Ugly Husband
    From Wife
  4. Chubby Hubby
    From Wife
  5. 50 Cent
    High School
  6. Proof
    From Marcus
  7. Chris Rock
    Another from High School
  8. Kenny
  9. Dennis
    From Random guy at Gay Bar... Adopted by Kit and Hunter
  10. Bigbird
    From Aunt Mag
  11. Javie (Ha-Vee)
    From Santos
  12. Valspar
    From Wife
  13. Sonny-One
    From Mama
  14. Pastry Boy
    From Darla
  15. Ja-Vard
    From Areal
  16. Super-Javario
    From Wife
  17. Javer
    From .. 🤔
  18. Love Monster
    From Wife