Signs That You Might Be a Foodie

I love food... I LOVE IT!!! I am hungry. I want Thai food. I know that I am a foodie. Are you?
  1. You envy food network celebrities
  2. You think that avocados are life
  3. You use the following words when talking about food... Palate, robust, gusto, ambrosial, gamy, divine, euphoric.
  4. You watch cooking shows even if you are starving. In fact, you find satisfaction in doing so.
  5. You leave essay-style reviews for restaurants
  6. You shop in every section of the farmers market
  7. Eating is a complete sensory experience
  8. You love to cook everything from scratch.
  9. You love trying new things. New restaurants, or new items from your favorite spots.
  10. You share pictures of your food online. (If it is delicious or plated fancily, EVERYONE must see)