there's too many! there's too much!
  1. We Bare Bears premiere with Harry!
    we ran through pouring rain in Ventura; we changed into dry clothes and ran through more rain again, and then we finally made it to the bar in LA. it was a grand evening; i swelled with pride for my crew, and with joy for my friends, and am so glad that Harry got to be my partner in crime for the night. Just as nice as seeing the show premiere? Talking music and life all the way back home.
  2. Camp!
    What can be said? There's so much. 1000 adventures. 1000 brand new learning experiences. It was the summer of clarity: my life is blessed, and the way i think about/treat myself doesn't reflect that. i was pursued by my camp family with a crazy and lively love, and i was given a brand new sense of wonder. it was the best summer ever--THAT can be said.
    SPONTANEITY is my new FAVORITE TRAIT in people n' things. Thank you Colby and Blake for just rolling with it: spontaneity lead to a night of long calming drives, early morning races against sunsets, views that inspire, hot coffees held in bitterly cold hands, waterfalls, and a woman's act of kindness that left us all so at peace. TO YOSEMITE, to my FRIENDS, and to SPONTANEITY.
  4. freshmen initiation!
    The moment I realized how important this year would be--how necessary it was that i was at school again, how much community like this means to me--was during freshmen initiation night! we sang, and the hallway was filled up with people until you could barely find the space to breathe, and the sound of it all was AMAZING. the voices singing, the freshman voices laughing and exclaiming, the overwhelming cheer afterwards. absolutely marvelous!
  5. Impossible Stage Directions
    i took a class this year with an impossible premise, an impossibly charming teacher, and an impossibly heartwarming conclusion. the most refreshing part of my week usually lied right in this classroom. (stay impossible.)
  6. Katie's Birthday!
    the light was pouring in onto the table we had miraculously snagged despite the crowds at Sqirl. people I love surrounded the table in celebration of the person we ALL loved, and the morning was just too sweet for words! good food and good friends--highly instagrammable--happy birthday, Katie.
  7. Lunch at Chili's.
    for an entire semester, hangouts with Wesley were turning into marathons; a trip to the park ends up sucking away a Saturday. A coffee break after night class ends up with us getting kicked out of the cafeteria for closing time. the apex of Wes/Kenna Quality Time? we went to a Chili's for lunch at 1... and didn't leave until 6. what's more, we then stretched a Starbucks run until 9! looking forward to more marathons in the future, and i'm glad you're the person i run them with.
  8. Caitlin talks!
    this semester, my fears of roaming through semester 1 friendless were CRUSHED. comically so, in fact! i'm so grateful for my BFA2 family, and for the solace i've found in friends like Caitlin. i love the day we first sat where all the dancers sit for lunch. it makes me smile to think of that and you, and to think of all the times we have to look forward to. Come at me, second semester!
  9. Birthday Bonanza!
    Best. Birthday. Ever. surprises, and cinnamon rolls, and a sudden surge of confidence that might've been the biggest surprise of all! 21 looks good on me--and yeah, i'm not afraid to say that!
  10. Filming Rules Video.
    A fantastic bookend to my summer on Video/Photo was filming the Winter Camp Rules Video during December. the significance of that day didn't quite sink in at first: we were too busy having fun and making jokes (and making what will be, I think, a very good video), but then I saw it: little McKenna at Jr. High winter camp, wanting so badly to be a part of this ministry and creating with these people. an incredible testament to God's faithfulness.