what even was this concert?
  1. "Counting On - Pt. 1" transition to "Guns/Napoleon"
    aka, the part where your eyes widen and your cheeks are smilin' and you realize how frickin' good this album is gonna be
  2. "Borderland" - JMM'S final "when you live by the LAWWWWAWWWawww, THE LAW"
    i literally have never heard a more appealing arrangement of notes. this is the part where i stood up from my chair and had to jump around to get my adrenaline out.
  3. "Death in His Grave" - 2nd chorus, mustachio'd guitarist leads vocals
    WHAT IS THIS GUY'S NAME? he accompanies vocals all the time on JMM albums. anyways, this is the coolest part of "Death in His Grave" aside from all of the crowd joining in, and the ROCKIN' LYRICS
  4. All of "Heart Won't Stop/Stand by Me - Medley"
  5. Sarah McMillan's intro + "King of my Heart"
    The loving dialogue! The ANNIVERSARY REFERENCE. Sarah's PASSIONATE VOICE singing the SWEETEST MELODY HOOK EVER. I'm absolutely in love with this track.
  6. "Future/Past"
    It's such an instrumentally deep and lush song; i still well up listening to it. Hearing it in person must've been otherworldly.
  7. "e-complishments"
    John Mark McMillan, you charming charming man
  8. "How He Loves"
    this performance is stunning!