1. MUSIC, very very broadly. this is my number 1 source of inspo, and comes in a lot of forms; lyrics, the way they're felt by the musician or me, instrumentation, etc. etc. this list deserves 1000 more notches where I break my inspiration down song by song, but hopefully you just get it: it's music. it's always music.
  2. KIDS! the way they tell stories! the way they move! the way that 5-year-olds run around the park like they're gonna conquer the world, the way 10-year-olds are already learning selflessness and actively practicing it. the stories I tell are for THEM, and it comes from trying to think like 'em, too!
  3. The Oh Hellos. Ok, I lied about not talking about music anymore, but what do you expect? NOT talking about "Dear Wormwood"? NOT talking about the kinds of spiritual implications they can make with like a GUITAR ALONE?
  4. Forest Home highlight videos. For REAL. so moving! so deeply felt! such a PRIVILEGE TO BE A PART OF! I hope I can make a film someday that feels the way Jacob or Betsy or Colby or Turk's videos felt.
  5. museums! so quiet and divine! spacious marble buildings and stoic iron sculptures, paintings warmly lit and casting the faintest shadows with their frames, and green gardens.
  6. sitting in my car on a rainy day. I'd rather be just a few degrees closer to all of the weather than I can be in my house. this ties in with...
  7. the quiet moments. the first few seconds to take in an open sky; Wes dozing off on the carpet with his guitar still in his hands; beating the sunrise at the bench near my favorite park in Valencia; a quick jog. all the tiny things that actually make up the core of human experience are things that get my heart racing.