5.5 days in Oregon checked a number of breweries off the to do list
  1. Base Camp Brewing (Portland)
    Probably my favorite. Just a solid vibe and brand....everything climbing related. Really funky saison.
  2. Migration Brewing (Portland)
    Straight from the airport, killing time while waiting to check into our Airbnb. Ridiculously friendly bartender (a theme all week....) and a Session IPA.
  3. The Commons Brewery (Portland)
    Got a shout out for my Villanova sweatshirt. Bartender's father went there. Best beer of the week, a Belgian dubbel with anise, orange peel and cocoa nibs from Oahu.
  4. Deschutes (Portland)
    On the way to the Portland Timbers vs NYCFC game. Meh beers. Highlight was the saison.
  5. Thunder Island Brewing (Cascade Locks, OR)
    Definitely the best brewery view I've ever had.
  6. Full Sail Brewing (Hood River, OR)
    A pint with dinner. Really solid food and a nice view of the river from the outdoor patio.
  7. Everybody's Brewing (White Salmon, WA)
    Popped over the bridge ($1 each way....why the heck do I live in NYC) and had a great view of Mount Hood from their outdoor patio. Favorite beer name of the week: Local Logger Lager