These clever towers of inspirational and daring questions and phrases were added by the patrons of Linger Longer Lounge in Phoenix AZ... In order of turns.
  1. And so the journey begins...
  2. Pick your nose and flick it on a strangerp
  3. Show your tits to the table
  4. is he a show-er or a grower
  5. Are you a Dom? Or a submissive ?
  6. Give everyone a compliment
  7. Grab a dudes ass at the bar
  8. Throw your lip gloss out - it's gross
  9. What is the hardest drug you've ever done?
  10. Tequila is your friend... Have a shot!
  11. Hand me the booze and watch me get fabulous
  12. Ask a stranger for money
  13. Whatever this means :/
  14. Bottoms up... Everyone drink..
  15. Pretty On Fleek!
  16. Anyone?? Anyone know what this means??
  17. what is your opinion of swingers?
  18. It's over!!!!