Don't read this list to the end. You will be disappointed with the ending.
  1. I went ice fishing once with three friends and really enjoyed it.
    Houghton Lake, MI.
  2. You basically just sit in a shack on the ice and have a good time.
    Coffee, beer, canned beans, jerky, etc.
  3. The fish are beautiful.
  4. So yesterday my friend is like "hey, some guy is selling this one man ice fishing shanty for $25" and I'm like "I'll take it."
  5. So now I have this one man shanty.
  6. The problem is, ice fishing alone is probably not as much fun.
  7. Also, I live in Indiana and we really don't have good ice fishing conditions.
  8. But I think I can re-sell it in Michigan and turn a nice profit.