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Things I hear about the weirdos my boyfriend works with at a software development company. To be updated as more info comes in. All weirdos shall remain nameless.
  1. "Ponytail Man"
    This man has a ponytail past his hips. It is like a pet attached to his head. He likes guns and his only political views revolve around making assault weapons accessible.
  2. "Lowkey Trump Supporter"
    This man seemed normal until he friended my boyfriend on Facebook. We then discovered he shared videos supporting Trump with notes like "I don't want to get in a fight, this is just my opinion" and "I'm not saying I support Trump, but thought I would share."
  3. "Soccer Pothead"
    This man comes back from his lunch break completely blazed. He also does no work and watches soccer on his computer all day.
Things I do in the morning in the order they occur
  1. 6:30, Alarm goes off, lay in bed on Instagram for ten minutes
    This shows my age and out-of-touch-ness as I should probably be on vsco or something like my cool friends
  2. 6:40, Brushes teeth, gets in shower, etc.
  3. 7:00, Put on makeup, 90% of the time is spent on eyeliner ugh
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