Things I do in the morning in the order they occur
  1. 6:30, Alarm goes off, lay in bed on Instagram for ten minutes
    This shows my age and out-of-touch-ness as I should probably be on vsco or something like my cool friends
  2. 6:40, Brushes teeth, gets in shower, etc.
  3. 7:00, Put on makeup, 90% of the time is spent on eyeliner ugh
  4. 7:30, Microwave tea and cream of wheat for breakfast
    Again, I'm a grandma??
  5. 7:40 Watch the local news
    Learn there was a terrorist attack in Brussels. Why am I making this stupid list?
  6. 8:00 Leave for New Haven with Ian
  7. 8:30 Buy more tea at The Book Trader
    Avoid eye contact with all other patrons
  8. 10:00 Go to work