inStead of saying dumb stuff like:
  1. hey sexy
  2. nice ass/tits/breasicles?//vajazzle??
  3. recommending suicide
  4. ur tirs are titastic
  5. that's retarded/gay!!!
  6. stupid sexist joke???
  7. dog whistle that sounds a lot like me punching you in somewhere ubpleasant]
  8. insert unfunny rape joke
  9. make america great again
  10. anything racist/sexist/homophobic/islamaphobic/transphobic/BASICALLY anything bigoted and idiotic
  11. say awesome compliments instead like:
  12. you look lovely today
  13. you have such a cute voice
  14. i'm happy you're alive
  15. I love your smile
  16. your laugh is adorable
  17. your hair looks great today, as usual!
  18. your intellectuality is amazing
  19. the World is blessed with your presence
  20. anything but a racist sexist homophobic joke
  21. you are the pink starburst in a world of yellow and orange Starburst