1. why isn't the fact that girls masturbate talked about more
  2. three hours of online shopping later and I still hate myself
  3. to text or not to text?
  4. I need a job
  5. I relate more to middle aged people than I do to girls my age
  6. everyone I have ever liked thinks my best friend is hot
  7. why does the sun have sunglasses, he can't see himself
  8. Used to be emo
  9. to text or not to text? (reprise, but drunk this time)
  10. republicans
  11. save the bees
  12. life owes me a damn favor for the amount of shit i have to go through
  13. A momentary lapse of judgment caused me to do a stupid thing
  14. crippling anxiety ™
  15. girls
  16. first date blues
  17. hahahahahahahahahaahahhaaha
  18. I shouldn't be trusted with money because i will blow it in two hours on unconventional items
  19. i have the screenshots
  20. life is slightly less mediocre now (big finale)