1. the hair on my body in places that isn't 'normal'
    toes, knuckles, hands, my chest , my lip
  2. the excessive amount of obvious scars i have
    17, to be exact
  3. my lumpy nose
    that i got from surgery, earning me one of the aforementioned scars
  4. the natural dark bags under my eyes
  5. my wild, large, frizzy curly latina hair
    "why don't you just straighten it?" "um, your hair is in the way." "do you ever brush or wash your hair?" do you ever let people embrace their heritage? i may be pale as hell, but i still have it in my blood and i will reflect it through my hair
  6. my "disproportionate" body i.e my small boobs and VERY large hips accompanied by a short torso
  7. my anxiety ridden fingers
    ripped cuticles, short nails. I'm working past my disorder, you don't have to make me feel bad about it.
    the fact that people critique me on this is appalling. the eyebrow shape you all are obsessed with is a fad, i am not hurting you leave me be
  9. don't even get me started on my small butt that's just
    i aint doing 27378229 squats because you think my butt is too small. Yes, i can help it doesn't mean i want to
  10. you do you, and let me be me!
    I am learning to accept and love my body at my own pace, and I don't need anyone bringing me down just because I don't fit your beauty standards.