1. Scantily clad skinny white girl, otherwise unremarkable
    Caption: "_________ in _________[malibu/LA/venice beach/Hollywood/other name of well-known part of LA]" ***note: this picture can receive NO LESS than 300 likes***
  2. In-n-out
    In n out branded disposable containers. Pictures of them eating burgers w in n out geotagged. Caption: "🙏🙏🙏" (this is only cute if they're skinny)
  3. Big Sur
    Caption: "_____________ - Jack Kerouac"
  4. Palm trees
    Caption: "California dreamin #tbt"
  5. A beach
    Caption: "🌞"
  6. Scantily clad white girl, otherwise unremarkable ON A BEACH
    Caption: something to do with being a gypsy. Everything from first item in list applies x2