Words I Hate

If I am reading an article that uses any of the following words, I will automatically hate it out of principle.
  1. Glamour-puss
    When I hear "glamour-puss", I do not picture a glamorous woman. I imagine the women from Grey Gardens. Or I envision a woman making a duck face with grotesque, over-injected lips whose eyelids are drooping unevenly. I am almost certain that is not the intended effect. Pick a different word.
  2. Songstress
    This word is so clearly gendered, like the words "waitress" or "actress" are. Why do we need to gender the act of songwriting? Because all women songwriters write their delicate, feminine songs with their slender, teensy on their scented parchment paper locked away in a tower?
  3. Operationalize
    There are probably three instances in the history of humanity where the use of this word was necessary. There will probably only be three more that come up in between the publication of this list and the superbug epidemic that wipes out the human race. You'll just sound like you're trying really, really hard to sound smart, and you don't want that. Do you?
  4. Toxins
    I mostly hate seeing this word in print because of its context rather than the word itself. Here's a tip: if a company's only tactic for persuading you to buy their product is some vague claim about its amazing ability to "eliminate toxins", save yourself the money and go buy a goldfish instead. They both have the same odds of making you healthier.