Things About Me That Are Kind of Weird

  1. I refuse to poorly park my car
    I cannot and will not park my car even a little bit lopsided. Super self conscious of my parking job. Always. My car once broke down in front of a friend's apartment and I made everyone push it so it wasn't sitting on top of the curb. I know.
  2. I think everything needs more salt.
    I salt my pizza. Enough said.
  3. I automatically judge anyone who likes/enjoys Top 20 Radio.
    I just can't.
  4. I can't open envelopes.
    I have never successfully unearthed a letter from an envelope without ripping said envelope to shreds.
  5. I remember everything.
    Not in a cool way, like "photographic memory" style. More like "I remember that embarrassing thing that I did 8 years ago."
  6. I love random band trivia.
    Did you know that Eddie Van Halen was an EMT? Did you know that Jimi Hendrix is part of the ominous "27 Club"? Do you know what the 27 Club is? None of this is important information. But I know it.
  7. I'm still figuring out red lipstick.
    Nine times out of ten I'll put it on and then immediately wipe it off because I think I look clownish. But I have like 6 tubes. Duh.