*not* an all-inclusive list
  1. Listen to some Fleet Foxes while in a horizontal position, preferably on the floor. If you choose the bed you'll fall asleep, which is only good if you're shooting for a Sadness Nap.
  2. Take a Sadness Nap.
    It cures the jankies.
  3. Buy your favorite food or treat, maybe something you wouldn't normally buy for yourself.
    Those pointless little packs of guacamole that cost ten gold bricks....yeah.
  4. Kiss.
    If you have a person, they would (probably) be the preferred recipient.
  5. Wash your hair.
    Gosh how many of my weird funks have been cured by a good hair washing. YASS.
  6. Re-read a passage from your favorite book.
    The very last page in Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" undoes me every time.
  7. Paint your nails.
    Cheaper than therapy.
  8. Dust your room and open some windows in there. Sometimes it's not your brain that's stuffy but the space you're livin' in
  9. Watch this supercut of Robert Pattinson basically making fun of Twilight for five years.
    Cheers me up every time without fail. https://youtu.be/nFA6Ycch1EM
  10. You can do this.