Inspired by @thebrandilyn
  1. (Not) eating the ends of certain foods.
    Bananas and carrots come to mind. No matter what I tell myself about these foods and that the end probably tastes the same as the rest, I CAN'T EAT IT OK.
  2. People not using their turn signals.
    This is a plague in UT.
  3. Having one leg out from under the covers at night.
    I'm weird about temperature control. Very weird. Also, no socks in bed ever.
  4. Having an even number of likes on an Instagram or Facebook post.
    This is by far the most embarrassing one. If one of my photos only gets 49 likes, I'll like my own photo (which I hate doing) so it's at an even 50.
  5. People walking right behind me instead of passing me. Also slow walkers and also people who leave their brights on and insist on staying right behind me.