Stay alive |-/
  1. Drink plenty of water!
    Unless you wanna be that person carried out after passing out from dehydration... You do you I guess?
  2. Get in line early (if you want to be in the front)
    Sure you can weasel your way from the very back but you risk getting a lot of people mad... And the line is actually super fun!
  3. Be nice!
    Everyone there wants to be close to Tyler and Josh which is important to remember! You may think you are their number one fan but so do the majority of the people there
  4. Prepare for potential injuries
    Be ready to get hit in the face a few times people get really packed together so it's sort of inevitable if you're near the front
  5. Start working your way to the front during the opening acts
    People aren't quite as squished for the openers so there's a little more wiggle room to work with
  6. Be friendly
    Chatting with the people around you can potentially make for an experience with a bit less shoving (yay friendship!)
  7. Don't push
    Don't be THAT person... Please