1. When you say "what?" three times but still have no idea what the person is saying so you just smile and nod.
  2. When someone says "happy birthday" and you say "you too!".
    Also works for a quite a few others "enjoy the movie", etc..
  3. When you sit on a chair that makes a fart noise and everyone stares at you.
    Especially when you're in a quiet room or in a class.
  4. When you ask how someone's day is out of politeness and they tell you their life stories.
    +10 awkward points if it's super depressing.
  5. When you go to give someone a hug and they go for a handshake.
  6. When you say goodbye to someone and go to leave and you both head in the same direction.
  7. When you are walking towards someone and you both go to move out of the way and move the same direction multiple times, doing that weird awkward dance.
  8. When you're walking upstairs and eat shit.
  9. When you eat shit in general.
  10. When you enthusiastically wave back to that person that seems to be enthusiastically waving at you, but they're really waving at the person behind you.
  11. When you spit when you talk.
  12. When you're stomach growls in a crowded, quiet room.
  13. When you choke on your own spit and lose your shit coughing.
  14. When you hold the door for someone but you're not quite close enough for them so you just stand there and awkwardly wait.