Animals My Boyfriend Said "No" To.

I have a problem.
  1. Coatimundi
    I've wanted one of these boople snoots for ages. A relative to the raccoon, coatis are destructive and very intelligent. Not to mention musky and mischievous.
  2. Kinkajou
    More docile than coatis, kinkajous are a bit more skittish from what I've heard. They're also extremely nocturnal.
  3. Caribou
    My most favorite of the cervidae family, caribou are short and adorable. Since you can own pretty much any animal in SC, this would be great if I had the land. Not to mention the females have antlers too, which is pretty cool.
  4. Sugar Glider
    I came seriously close to getting one of these before I decided on my beardie. Are they cute? Yes. But let us not forget they throw leftover food and their own feces out of their cage. Oh, and if you don't spend at least 5-8 hours a day with them and they have no companions, they will literally die of depression. Food for thought.
  5. Tegu
    They start off pretty small, but these snuggly guys get up to four feet full grown. Most people let them free roam their house, kind of like a dog or cat. So cute!
  6. Fennec Fox
    The smallest of the Fox family, Fennec foxes are incredibly fast and mischevioua. They are obviously adorable, but do not make great pets.
  7. Fox
    Who hasn't wanted a fox? They are like a cat/dog hybrid. However, did you know that foxes stink? Because guess what, they do. They also can be destructive and do best in an outdoor enclosure.
  8. Genet
    Similar to a really small cat, Genets don't get any bigger than ferrets. However, because of their serious care and maintenance they are pretty much out of the easy access of the pet trade, and for good reason.
  9. Seriously though, don't try to get any of these animals as pets.
    They may look super cute, but a lot of these guys are going on endangered because of the exotic pet trade. Trust me, you'll be happy with a cat or dog.