I have tried for over a year to like Dr Who and I just can't get into it.
  1. The first episode of Dr. Who I watched had some cat people in it.
    And they were like nuns or something? I don't know.
  2. It turned into a drinking game.
    At first it was whenever I was confused. Then I just started drinking.
  3. I tried to watch some other episodes.
    Surely there has to be something behind this fandom?
  4. I mean this is what is keeping Hot Topic in business. Right?
    And My Little Pony, I guess.
  5. So this is what I know about the show so far.
    An outsider's account of Dr Who.
  6. First of all. There's a guy.
    This guy. The Doctor Who guy.
  7. And there's like this confused phone box.
    He seems happy and that makes me happy.
  8. And I think this guy is also in it
    And I only care about him because Smaug.
  9. Oh and it's British
  10. And I think that's pretty much it.
    So there you go. Everything you need to know about Doctor Who.