Songs for Feels

I was in a very feelsy mood this morning. These are a few of my favorites for when I can't hold all the emotions. Lots of semi angsty, punky, indie stuff. Take a listen to some of these tracks, make a cup of tea, and pair them with for maximum feels.
  1. "Night Channels" by Foxing
    Foxing is always one of my favorites when I just want some feelings. This one is one of my current favs by them.
  2. "Weak At the Knees" by Have Mercy
    A relatively new band, Have Mercy is fantastic at building up emotion. I really love the lead vocalist's voice. This whole album is really good, but this is my favorite.
  3. "Twin Size Mattress" by The Front Bottoms
    As lots of people know, The Front Bottoms are currently my most favorite band. This is, of course, one of their most popular songs and for good reason. Still kicking myself that I missed their concert in Asheville when I had the flu.
  4. "Tiny Raindrop" by Balance & Composure
    Another great album in general, but this is my favorite song.
  5. "On the Impossible Past" by The Menzingers
    This entire album is great. These guys are fantastic live. This song in particular is very feelsy.
  6. "Faded From the Winter" by Iron & Wine
    I couldn't leave out one of my favorite bands from my home state. While their older work is my favorite, Sam Beam is a fantastic singer/songwriter.
  7. "McCafferty vs Tfb" by McCafferty
    A new single out by McCafferty (which is strange because I'm pretty sure they broke up) which is amazing as always.
  8. "Cotton Crush" by Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band
    With some tfb lyrics thrown in at the end there, this is a fantastic song. One of my favorites.
  9. "Safe in Your Skin/Where Am I?" By Tiger's Jaw
    Tiger's Jaw has always been a favorite of mine, and their acoustic sessions are even better.
  10. "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bon Iver
    Bon Iver has always been King of the Feels for me, but this cover is easily one of my favorites.
  11. "Underwater" by All-Time Quarterback
    I said I wouldn't include any Death Cab for Cutie in this, but this side project from Ben Gibbard is definitely worth a listen.