Favourite Movies Set in One Confined Location

So....I love movies in confined, relatively small spaces where the majority of the film takes place in one location. I want to share some of the movies I think are great at doing this but also want to find out about others I might not know about. Feel free to comment and suggest more!
  1. Rope
    An Alfred Hitchcock classic that was all set in an apartment living room! Reminds me of a stage play when watching.
  2. Rear Window
    Simply set within an apartment complex
  3. Ex_Machina
    The confined space of the AI facility made the action and dialogue exchanges more tense!
  4. 12 Angry Men
    Court Room classic
  5. Moon
    Solitary space station on the moon
  6. The Breakfast Club
    High school detention forces the interaction
  7. Dog Day Afternoon
  8. The Shining
  9. All is Lost
  10. Glengarry Glen Ross
    Does move to a bar or house sometimes but the exchanges in the office are amazing!
  11. 127 Hours
  12. Locke
    All set in a car, amazing work!
  13. Birdman