Hey @AliceWetterlund I heard a rumor if you do a really good list of these they put you on Girl Code??! 😉 Anyway I hope everyone does one of these. Okay here we go
  1. Being obsessed about Sriracha
    It's a cool flavor I guess but so is ketchup and a million other things, calm down and stop being annoying. Also I don't know how to pronounce it
  2. Links that people text you first thing in the morning
    Okay I just woke up I have texts to check and instas to stalk and I can barely think, now is not the time to turn my phone over to a Wired article about attractiveness, please send it after school
  3. Pop star feuds
    Like when rappers do this at least there is a chance they will shoot each other, take that away and it's too boring
  4. Award Shows
    Teen choice. Peoples Choice. Kids Choice. How about everybody just chooses what they want to see or listen to like we're doing ANYWAY and that will be our own personal award for them, congratulations
  5. When people say insecure things to their friend group without any goal of feeling more secure
    "I feel like this looks stupid on me." "No it doesn't! It looks good." "I don't know I think it looks stupid." Okay I just tried to help you. If you want a real opinion ask me. If you aren't listening to my opinion it is called WHINING and I CAN'T.
  6. More as I think of them