Okay here we go
  1. Oasis "Champagne Supernova"
    "WHERE WERE YOU WHILE WE WERE GETTING HIGH" "dammit I was doing my homework why didn't anyone text me"
  2. Justin Bieber "Boyfriend"
    "If I was your boyfriend" hold it right there Justin that is the biggest If of all time on so many levels. Whatever this is my guilty pleasure song idk
  3. Lana Del Rey "Cruel World"
    "Got your bible got your gun" um I forgot these things can I borrow yours? Actually I might have a Siddur somewhere from my Bat Mitzvah does that work
  4. Lana Del Rey "Brooklyn Baby"
    "He plays guitar while I ask who Lou Reed was"
  5. Lana Del Rey "Video Games"
    I like this song so much more than actual video games
  6. Lana Del Rey "Florida Kilos"
    This is the song I listen to and imagine how much better my Florida cousins's lives are
  7. Lana Del Rey "National Anthem"
    If this were the real national anthem I would be into sports
  8. Lily Allen "Littlest Things"
  9. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"